Welcome to US Student Loan Consolidation

Student Loan Debt has surpassed 1 TRILLION dollars and the average college graduate has over $26,000 in student loan debt at graduation.  US Student Loan Consolidation (USSLS) was created with one goal in mind, to HELP students and parents by assisting them with identifying what federal programs are available, and assisting students and parents with preparing the documents for those programs.  Our qualified Student Loan Debt Counselors will evaluate your loans and provide you with a FREE no obligation Federal Student Loan Informational session, showing you how you may qualify for repayment assistance from the department of education.

Potential Benefits From Federal Repayment Assistance

  • Qualify for income based Monthly Payments
  • Save 60% or MORE on your monthly payment
  • Free no obligation consultation and debt analysis
  • Qualify for student loan forgiveness
  • Benefit from government programs
  • Multiple student loan consolidation solutions available
  • Parent plus loans may qualify

*We do not provide loan modification, debt adjustment, foreclosure services or short term loans of any kind. US Student Loan Consolidation is a private organization and is not a government entity. US Student Loan Consolidation is a Document Preparation and Tracking Service. Our free Federal Student Loan Informational session will identify what Federal programs are available for you and does not constitute legal or financial advice. Our service is only for the Preparation & Tracking of your Federal Student Loan Consolidation Documents. Consumers may choose to complete their own consolidation documents based on the federal programs and are not obligated to use a third party resource such as US Student Loan Consolidation. US Student Loan Consolidation does not facilitate the negotiation of a debt, the settlement of a debt or the altering of a debt it's services are only for the assistance and completion of federal student loan program documents. US Student Loan Consolidation will not pay your student loans for you or on your behalf. Document Preparation Services are not available for residents of the following states: CT, NH, GA, SC, NC, ME, CO, ID, OR, WI, KS, IL, WA, VT, and NY. *Results May Vary and are Solely Based on The Federal Consolidation Program You Choose.

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